locked Re: Airspy HF+ on SDR# and volume #sdrsharp #airspyhfplus

Ian DXer

Ho Moiji2x,

>With SDR# volume higher than about 55 dB (by SDR" volume scale) high distortion are heard. (on FM broadcast wideband signals)

Yes this is something I've noticed as well. With most software we are accustomed to turning the audio levels up full within software
& then adjusting the speaker volume levels. I've had to keep my SDR# volume level at around 50dB with some FM broadcast signals
 & then adjusting speaker volume settings.
The issue is certainly evident on past three revisions of SDR# that I've used with the HF+ to date.

I haven't been as attentive to the audio response at different volume levels yet.

Hopefully Youssef can advise on this.

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