locked Re: HF+ Input Multiplexing


Hi Bjarne,
to "shunt it" means that now even DC can pass. Too dangerous in my opinion.
Checking values from 1nF to 200nF showed, that replacing the original 330pF cap with
C0G/NP0 SMD (value 100nF to 200nF) will bring a remarkable signal improvement from VLF
to the 60m shortwave band. After eight days of dxing i have not noticed any negative
"side effects".
(Btw: the value 4,5nF that was in discussion weeks ago is too low for longwave and VLF) 
 This is how it looks like in my HF+ (one 100nF + two 10nF in parallel = 120nF)

vy 73`s de
Stefan Schäfer

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