FM Capture Ratio in AirSpyHF+ / SDR# #sdrsharp #airspyhfplus

Ian DXer

During a tropospheric FM broadcastband DX opening I had what I guess would have been two fairly similar signal strength stations on the same frequency
being received at the same time. This had me pondering thinking about Capture Ratios as it pertains this SDR or with SDRs in general.

I'm fairly old school when it comes to radio technical knowledge with some training on FM analogue wideband discriminators (demodulators), i.e. distant knowledge of perhaps 3 or 4 types.
How FM wideband broadcast signals are demodulated/handled by SDR's I would expect differs greatly (I've never kept up with the newer technology).
That said I was wondering within the AirSpyHF+ / SDR# what the typical 'Capture Ratio' is of the device in dB?
Didn't see it in the tech specs on the website.
In analogue receiver/tuners the better quality tuners (with the better discriminators) the Capture Radio was small.

Im curious to know if the FM broadcastband capture ratio is a function of the SDR hardware or software or a combo of both?

Are there different algorithms that can be used for the extraction of the FM signal & conversation to an audio signal that might vary the 'old school' term of
'capture ratio' of two FM signals on the same frequency?

Sorry for the waffle, but it's a topic that I can't recall seeing discussion about either with the AirSpy HF+ or with other SDRs.
Would appreciate knowing if anyone has done any measurements on the AirSpyHF+ in regard to FM broadcastband Capture Ratio orĀ 
has any knowledge of it pertaining to this SDR.

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