Re: squelch debate

Buford T. Justice <BTJustice@...>

I forgot to say that this would be regardless of the dBFS noise floor.  So a signal would have to be (using my example below) 7.6 dB or higher to unmute.  That would be a pretty awesome feature :)

Subject: Re: [airspy] squelch debate
Sent: Sun. 1/14/2018 5:00:30 PM CST -0600
From: Buford T. Justice <BTJustice@...>
To: main <>
If SDR# does get squelch, hopefully it would be a new idea like having it based on the SNR reading.  Anything below a user-set SNR reading is completely audio muted.  Say I set my SDR# SNR Squelch to 7.5 dB then any noise/signal at 7.5 dB and below would be muted.


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