Re: HF+ with Yaesu FT-950: Hardware and software configuration #hardware #sdrsharp #airspyhfplus #shortwave

Siegfried Jackstien

i do not know much about sdrsharp configuration

here i use a similar setup but software used is hdsdr, sdr hardware also is different ... but the overall setup should be quite similar :-)

you can select if the sdr is connected directly to antenna ... or on the if chain of the radio

you can sync both in both cases (depending what you set in the setup)

rig is then connected to pc via cat (synced also to clustersoft and logbook via omnirig driver)

sdr is synced via extio driver (there is a brand new one for the hf+ with ppm correction etc. ... see other posts)

in hdsdr you can set another offset depending on mode (dont know if sdrsharp also has this function)

in my case i have to add 700hz for cw mode that the sweet spot of software and rig do match (my rig shifts the first if 700hz when using cw ... so you have to find out what your rig does)

you have to tell is some deeper details to help you with your setup


i am guessing right that you wanna connect the hf+to the if out ???

a much cheaper sdr could be used for that cause you have higher signal levels already on that spot (amplified from the rigs frontendand already filtered) ... and you also have a somewhat fixed level in that area (controlled by agc chain in the rig) need for such high bit numbers and dynamic range that a good sdr has

i would use an rtl dongle for that and use the hf+ as a second receiver (on a low noise external antenna like a beverage or k9ay loop) .... but that are my personal feelings about using such a good sdr as backend on the if chain

good luck with your setup

dg9bfc sigi

ps my other rig has iq in and out on a usb cable plus cat on the same cable ... connect to pc and run hdsdr and you are done ... no sdr hardware needed cause the rig IS an sdr and just routes the raw iq data towards usb ...

Am 13.01.2018 um 11:40 schrieb Tom via Groups.Io:

Hi folks!
Received my AirSpy HF+ today, hooked it up but quickly ran into one or the other config question which I could not solve by just searching the web.
My plan was to run the AirSpy HF+ using the following configuration: Yaesu FT-950 equipped with RFSpace IF-2000, AirSpy HF+, SDRsharp-SW on Windows 10-PC.
Is there any source of sample configurations covering this setup?
Any hint is highly appreciated!
vy73/55 from Hamburg/Germany, Tom

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