HF+ in Munich online with Spy Server #airspyhfplus #spyserver


Hi everyone,
my HF+ landed and I hooked it up for online listening.
Antenna: Self-made AAA-1C active mag loop receiving antenna positioned 13m above ground on a balcony facing west
Machine: Dedicated Asus Tinkerboard

URL: sdr://gymnae.asuscomm.com:5555
  • Control is available
  • Full-IQ is available
  • More than 8Bit can be selected

Notes on the server:
  1. I'm having severe QRM from an unknown source on lower bands, see screenshots. An ATU for my Tx is in the vicinity of the antenna, but not powered while the screenshot was taken. The PSU(s) for the Tinkerboard and around it are quiet
  2. Users limited to 10 for now - might change depending on usage

Wish list for the Spy Server
  1. Option to set password
  2. Master user who can take over control

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