Re: Portable SWL setup with Airspy HF+ and GPD Win #hardware #airspyhfplus #swl #shortwave


On 2017-12-26 09:32, London Shortwave wrote:
Hi everyone,
I'm new to this group so forgive me if I fall foul of any posting conventions used on this message board.
I recently received my AirSpy HF+ and I've been putting it to the test as part of an ultra-portable set-up that lets me record parts of the shortwave spectrum in large outdoor spaces that are free from urban RFI. For this I'm using GPD Win 5 inch portable Windows PC and Sony's foldable active loop antenna. Here's a video of my current set-up:
GPD Win is similar to other Atom-based tablets in terms of the huge amounts of interference it injects into the antenna part of the system. I have to use a Bluetooth speaker or plug in a pair of headphones, as when the built-in speakers are active, the sound card produces huge spurs on the spectrum (the louder the sound, the bigger the spurs!). I've managed to reduce the remaining RFI by using Bonito's GI300 isolator, as seen in the video, but I'm wondering if other users have found more effective ways of doing this.
Any advice will be very much appreciated!
Kind regards,
Physical separation of AirSpy HF+ and antenna from the rest of the system and LOTS of well placed ferrite.


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