Re: Airspy HF+ pre-orders are open!



On 12/18/2017 21:39, Jack L. Metcalfe wrote:
Gary wrote:
I also pre-ordered an Airspy - 100038976 11/3/2014 and it went a lot better back then........anyway......things happen that can be out of one's control......I understand that.......I just like to piss and moan....I'm done now.
That's our heritage, Gary! All real Americans love to piss & moan. I've got one ordered, too, although I probably don't need it. I really want to compare it to my Cloud-IQs & QS1Rs, though. I'm betting people start seeing "shipped" this week. If not, there's always next week. The way the postal situation is described, I'm glad I went with the DHL shipping.

Jack L. Metcalfe
Stanford, KY

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