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Jesus Rodriguez

Hi Dick,

I’ve been trying to get the full IQ option from the spyserver configuration but could not do it. Now “force_8bit” option is commented. Can you try just in case?.


On 6 Dec 2017, at 18:37, Dick <hobbyd@...> wrote:

Hi Jesús,
Some time ago I had someone else playing with the spyserver settings and although we didn’t fully understand the possible repercussions (negative effect), the following worked:
Commenting out the "force_8bit" from the spyserver config file.
The result was that in SDR# now “Use full IQ” and the IQ Format can be selected.

Can you give this a try?
73, Dick
From: Jesus Rodriguez
Sent: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 20:46
Subject: Re: [airspy] Spyserver for testing
Hi Dick,
I tried to change the bandwidth but seems i could not find the right parameter/value. Can someone point me to the server.config parameter to allow the 12Khz needed bandwidth?.

On 5 Dec 2017, at 17:19, Dick <hobbyd@...> wrote:
Hello Jesús,

Your Spyserver works fine, but.....

I am interested in identifying VDL2 ground stations. VDL2 Modulation is done in D8PSK (Differentially encoded 8 Phase Shift Keying). Small messages (in "bursts") are transmittted at 10500 bauds.

A lot of VDL2 signals are visible on 136.975 MHz.
Unfortunately I cannot set the desired bandwidth in SDR# which is needed to decode them using MultiPSK.
It seems it is limited to 9.765 using mode: RAW or 4.882 using mode: USB.
To decode the VDL2 signals using MultiPSK I need a bandwidth of 12 KHz.

Can you change your setting to enable this wider bandwidth, if only for a short time so I can ID the ground station in your area?

73, Dick  (PA-2015, NL-13560)

-----Original Message----- From: Jesus Rodriguez
Sent: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 13:09
Subject: [airspy] Spyserver for testing


Please, can you test and let me know how does the following spyserver work?:


It’s an Airspy connected to an Odroid-XU4 and dual-band V/U Diamond X50 antenna. Control enabled for the first user and no limit on high/low frequencies. 2.5M sample rate as 10M has performance problems with the Odroid-XU4 board.

This is next to Barcelona airport and harbour.

Thanks and regards.

Jesús - EA3CLB

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