Re: Baseband noise blanker and spyserver.


On Sat, Nov 25, 2017 at 07:48 am, Святослав З wrote:
Thank you for the wonderful implementation of the client and server for SDR!
There is one question:
When I connect the RTL-SDR directly to USB, the "Baseband noise blanker" action is directly reflected on the waterfall (the impulse noise disappears from the waterfall). But when I connect the RTL-SDR via Spyserver, the
"Baseband noise blanker" makes changes only for audio (by hearing the change is audible), but on the waterfall the impulse noise does not disappear.
What is the reason? It can be fixed? Version of spyserver, version of SDR #
The wide band noise blanker (WB NB) works on the full bandwidth of the device. When not using "Full IQ", you are only sending a small fraction of that bandwidth along with the FFT display data. This means the WB NB has no chance to fix the signal with your current settings. Try "Full IQ".

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