Re: CPU load on single board Linux computers with 12 bit SDR? #hardware #spyserver


Dear Jeff,

many thanks for the feedback and the real life access to your Tinker based receivers.

8 MHz is quite a stretch and it may run well for while and then stutters and loops, for this much bandwidth the Ordoid may be the right choice, though it is not yet proven if the application uses its full resources.
The direct sampling RTL-SDR on 5557 is behaving very well for the fact that the dynamic range is so limited.
I tried to decode the VDL2 on 136.975 (SatRX on 5556) but was unable to get the IF wide enough to pass along the audio to be decoded.
Then I switched to full IQ which would have worked if the server didn't start stuttering.
How do you decode your satellite data, which is also wider than traditional signals?
Maybe it started stuttering because your satellite decoders in real I/Q mode kept the machine busy already?
Impressive S/N on the satellites by the way!

Happy Thanksgiving

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