Re: New SpyServer optimizations and features #spyserver


On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 02:54 pm, <om1aeg@...> wrote:
a big THANK YOU for all of your efforts. Because i have only Airspy mini without upconverter and rtl-sdr V3 for testing i try rtl-sdr dongle in direct sampling mode connected to 80m deltaloop. With 20dB attenuator and "coaxial harmonic filter" its working good (not great or prefect because ADC resolution and linearity of rtl-sdr, but usable 3-14.4 MHz). What is surprise for me, SDRSharp is working with this server via WIFi on pre-historical Asus EEE901 net book at only 30% CPU load, wow. Direct connected Airspy mini or rtl-sdr dongle is not working, because the BW of data trough USB2 is too much for this old HW (CPU at 100%). Awaiting the HF+

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