Re: RTL-SDR Direct mode Q minimum frequency error #RTL #spyserver


It might be that SDRSharp is sharp enough (pun intended?) to understand that tuning below 1.2 MHz for a center frequency is somewhat silly. If you tune below that you get strange spectrum artifacts like "negative frequencies" to the left of zero frequency. If it's set to only show 2 MHz of the 2.4 MHz actual bandwidth then going down to 1 MHz makes sense since "-200 kHz" would not be visible.


On 2017-11-19 05:31, Marco Johansson wrote:
I just updated my system with the latest Spyserver and SDR# and it seems I lost the ability to tune SDR# under 1MHz.
I use RTL-SDR Nooelec dongle with Direct sample mode (Q) and was able to tune down to DC with previous Spyserver version.
Any idea what could cause this error with the latest SpyServer?
Attached my config.

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