Re: A call to any technical AirSpyHF+ owners! Please quench my thirst for knowledge! #hardware #airspyhfplus

David Ranch

Looks very impressive Chris!  Any chances to get the sources published to see if Linux people can give it a try with an AirSpy v2 + SpyVerter?  If it's closed source, maybe it would be possible to publish RPMs for Centos6?  I'd be happy to give you a hand if you need any.


On 11/17/2017 05:27 AM, Chris Smolinski wrote:

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On Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 03:49 am, Chris Smolinski wrote:
Excellent to hear about the efforts to put into a good, clean design. Previously I worked in industrial controls and instrumentation, and it was indeed very challenging at times. We had to deal with nanoamp and picoamp currents from radiation sensors, sitting next to multi kilowatt motors. Great fun :)

Chris Smolinski
Black Cat Systems
Thanks Chris. You probably tested everything that could be tested in the high end segment and your feedback is very much appreciated.
I look forward to putting the AirSpyHF+ up against the netSDR. I also do nightly DGPS recordings and decodes with software (Amalgamated DGPS) I've written which decodes the entire DGPS band at the same time, all channels and baud rates:  It is a real CPU torture test as it uses all available cores and does some pretty involved DSP to pull weak signals out of the noise :)  Presently I do these recordings with an AFE822x, but when the AirSpyHF+ arrives I will try with it as well, and again compare. Actually, adding support for the AirSpyHF+ to Amalgamated DGPS for real time decoding (vs recording files) may be one of my first programming projects with it. 

In case you wonder... why bother decoding DGPS? It's for the DX challenge, to see which distant stations can be received. They continuously transmit, so they make excellent, if accidental, propagation beacons. I've managed  several from Europe, and even Alaska and once Hawaii. Maybe I can extend that range with the AirSpyHF+. 

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