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John Barnett

Working OK here in York England.


On 15/11/2017 15:20, Martin via Groups.Io wrote:

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Hi All,

OK I've spent some time today trying to optimise my Airspy server config to best deal with the poor uplink speed I've got at my location (700K).

I setup a separate 3G WiFi hotspot (up a suitable tree) so that I could connect to my server over the internet and compare different settings.

I found that I had to limit the V3 dongle sample rate to 2048000 in order to get anything like a reliable connection.

other key config lines are

force_8bit = 1 (obvious)
fft_fps = 10 (it was jerky anyway and this seemed to be the best compromise setting between the local network and the 3G connection).
buffer_size_ms = 100 (This was marginally better than a setting of 50, but increasing it still further didn't seem to make much difference)
buffer_count = 30 (I tried bigger values but this seems to be OK. 50 also worked OK)

I don't understand why it's still choppy. I have loaded up both my KiWi SDR's and there is still some bandwidth available, so I suspect it's down to internet latency and clock jitter (plus all the usual internet issues).

Are there any QoS diagnostics that could be incorporated into the server / client to help diagnose such problems ?

Can folks try my server again to see if it's any better now ?



Martin - G8JNJ

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