Re: Airspy HF+ BDR 110dB

Mark Jessop

What kind of response time (time constant?) is the AGC running?

I will be using my AirSpy HF+ in the receive loop of a Icom IC-7610, and when I transmit there is likely to be a bit of RF ending up in the AirSpy. (not 100% sure how much yet, will be a function of the TX/RX relay isolation.
Would be good if it didn't take a long time to recover... 

Mark VK5QI

On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 9:32 AM, adam9a4qv via Groups.Io <adam9a4qv@...> wrote:
How will then the trained professionals explain this:

BDR= P1dB - Noise floor

P1dB=15-10 = +5dBm

BDR=+5- (-140)
BDR= 145dB

This is a big difference, 110db or 113dB over to 145dB ?


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