Re: Please Test my SpyServer - Cincinnati, OH USA #spyserver

Lawrence Glaister <ve7it@...>

streams nicely to western Canada, using about 42K bytes/sec, on sdrsharp 1620 running on antergos linux under mono (uses about 20% of each of 2 cores on a 3GHz core 2 duo). Great audio, no dropouts detected. 444.950 repeater seems be stuck trying to connect to irlp node 0066 which doesnt exist!.
Lawrence VE7IT irlp node 1130

ps. nice work on 1620 prog.... all I had to do was copy in and enter mono SDRSharp.exe

On 2017-11-12 01:16 PM, KF7IJZ wrote:
Hello folks - I would love some help testing!
Airspy R2 - configured for 440Mhz-450Mhz for now and up to 4 people.
Antenna is a diamond D220R mini discone
Thanks in advance!

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