Re: ongoing packet loss on windows server

David Ranch

OT:  Your Bluetooth pitch issue is fairly common and it seems like it happens far more often in area where the spectrum (2.4Ghz) is pretty busy.  For my sensitive ears, I instantly spot it and it bugs the crap out of me.  Better Bluetooth devices include the CSR chipset which supports APT-X which improves BT audio a bunch but to support it, you need to have APT-X on both sides.  Reminds me of the whole DVSI AMBE thing... ;-)


On 11/08/2017 12:17 PM, airspy@... wrote:
Yes good point. And I know people on the OpenHDSDR camp have been playing with adaptive resamplers lately. I guess that's right that the first pc audio app locks the sample rate (there are settings for a device taking control etc. as you will know)
Interestingly (maybe) I often drive round listening to a Spotify music stream over my mobile phone then bluetoothed into car system. Yesterday I noticed the playback speed increased for a time on a track (i.e. same pitch, but faster, like the disco stuff can do). Maybe something was choosing that route rather than a click. Dunno.


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