moderated Re: HF+ and UHF Satcom Pirates


You have proof
You knew you could be sued for slander and defamation, even if I was in Brazil and you in Spain
Do you think Brazilians are bandits?
Can you prove that?
73 de PY2RPD
Wagner Jose Guilherme

De: "EB4APL" <eb4apl@...>
Enviada: 2017/11/05 22:46:14
Assunto: Re: [airspy] HF+ and UHF Satcom Pirates

They are Brazilians, aren't they?

73 de Ignacio, EB4APL

El 05/11/2017 a las 20:26, Simon Brown escribió:



More info: the HF+ does perform well up there.


Simon Brown, G4ELI




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