Recommended buffer settings #spyserver

Marco Johansson

After basic, "Out of the box" installation the buffer settings are useless, at least for my system. Lots of gaps in the stream and awfully looking waterfall. I need to change way bigger values to the configuration to get everything work smoothly (see below).
Is this behaviour "by the design", the internet connection is very good one: Remote (the SpyServer) site steady 50/50 mbit 4G link, receiving site 350/20mbit cable, average ping between these two is around 38ms.
In what kind of setup one can use the default buffer values without problems, direct LAN?

Is there something that can go badly wrong if using too high values for the buffers?

Br: Mac

# Buffer Size (in milliseconds)
buffer_size_ms = 100
# Buffer Count
buffer_count = 30

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