Re: Official Spy Servers Page #sdrsharp #spyserver


Wonder is cooling and optimization, much time with tuning parameters like sample-rate (very problematic, +few kHz = half of power), waterfall fps, buffering. RPi3 can fast overheat, after one minute with CPU on 60% can switch to "half clock" frequency, when is no really good cooled. Passive cooler on CPU and small fan is a must for long operation with CPU >50%

Openwebsdr is with NFM unusable for long listening, also with perfect signal is in audio big noise in cause when no modulation (between words) due some type of audio AGC. Also CW is terrible. Near no progress with updates, no basic function as Notch filter, etc. Therefore im switched on end of june to SPY Server & SDR#, which is now near perfect. Only native android support is missing for me :)

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