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On Sat, Nov 4, 2017 at 06:13 am, <om1aeg@...> wrote:
With fft_bin_bits = 14 can be connected 8 independent users with CPU of RPi3 lower than 80% (72-79%), stream is smooth and waterfall is usable. I'm tried also 10 connection, but this is with small drop-out, when someone is tuning (CPU around 90%). For now is set "maximum_clients = 8".

Thanks for support and hard work also for "non company" devices. Can you add my server to the public list?

I'm waiting for availability of HF+, then im exchange rtl-sdr dongle with my home Airspy Mini dongle.
Sure. Can you give me the exact fields to show in the list?
  • Owner
  • Location
  • URL
  • Radio
  • Band
  • Antenna

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