Airspy and export of tuned frequency #sdrsharp


Is there a plugin or way of picking up the current tuned frequency to export.  I.e. to send to a control unit that would automatically switch antenna or tune antenna based on frequency e.g arduino or other usb / rs232 device with programmable outputs.

In my ideal world I'd like to say between e.g 3 to 4.99999 mhz select input 1, 5.001 to 9.9999mhz select  input 2, 10 to 14.9999 select input 3 

Something like that and when tuning in sdr# in one of those ranges "user defined" I only use as examples above it picks up to controller switches.

Turned into a long post but in short lol 😂 how could I pick up the current tuned frequency in sdr# to pass along to a controller.

Interested knowing more if viable. Just after sdr# side pickup option.

Kind regards

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