Re: Problem with SDR# and SpyServer #sdrsharp #spyserver


More tests:
Now, on the second PC, I can see the options for all device types (url, port, etc..). But still can't get waterfall/audio to work.....alwats 0kb/s.
I have also tried with London spyserver and the result is the same: nothing. I can connect, but 0kb/sec on status and nothing on display.

PC1 and Raspberry Pi 3 at home, I'm connecting using remote connection and VPN. Connection speed: ADSL2 35Mb/down 5Mb/up.

PC2 ate work, accessing home and london spyserver. Connection speed: we have a 10Gb internet link (symetric) and I'm limited to 1Gb/sec (local neywork card limitation).

Both PC's are running windows 10 and are i7.

Also, I've tried running rtl_tcp in rpi (with RTL-SDR dongle, not airspy mini) and access using SDR#, works fine (both at home or work, using remote connection or VPN)!

SPY Server v2.0.1600 

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