Problem with SDR# and SpyServer #sdrsharp #spyserver



I'm not 'new' with rtl-sdr, but with spyserver yes!
I'm trying to use my airspymini with spyserver but is not working. I have an raspberry pi 3 running debian stretch and libairspy installed, all looks fine. In console, I can use airspy_info to get board information and I can run spyserver fine (all settings are correct on config). Also, I can connect fine with SDR# to spyserver. The problem is that after connect, I can't see anything in waterfall. Nothing!
All commands are sent ine (I can see on spyserver console), but nothing on watterfall or audio. Also, tried to change all settings (PCM format, Full IQ, bandwidth, etc etc...) and same result: nothing.
I'm running both rpi (with airspy mini) and PC on same LAN with cable (nothing wireless).

Another problem: I'm trying to run SDR# on another PC (not the same from first problem). It's runs fine....almost. After selecting any type of receiver, I can't see options for this specific receiver. For example: after select "Spy Server" in combo-box, I can't see the options to insert address and port of my server. This happens for any type of receiver that I select in combo. This only happens in this the first machine of this toppic this is working fine!
Note that both machines are i7 with Windows 10 and running latest version of SDR3 (just downloaded!). Also, I'm using the latest version of SpyServer too.

I'm not sure which version if my AirSpy mini.

root@skyreceiver:~# airspy_info
airspy_lib_version: 1.0.9
Found AirSpy board 1
Board ID Number: 0 (AIRSPY)
Firmware Version: AirSpy MINI v1.0.0-rc9-0-ga56adfd 2016-06-12
Part ID Number: 0x6906002B 0x00000030
Serial Number: 0x04A464C83488940B
Supported sample rates:
        6.000000 MSPS
        3.000000 MSPS
Close board 1

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