Re: Sdr# and rtl-sdr v3 dongle bias tee control

Roberto Zinelli

From rtlsdr site

""To enable the bias tee in Windows:

  1. Download and extract all the files in this zip file to a folder on your PC. It contains two batch files that can be run.
  2. Make sure all SDR software like SDR#/HDSDR/SDR-Console etc is fully closed.
  3. Run the biastee_on.bat file to turn the bias tee on. It will run and open a CMD prompt that will briefly say “Found Rafael Micro R820T Tuner”. The CMD prompt will close soon after upon success.
  4. The bias tee is now on. To turn it off repeat steps 2 & 3, but instead run the biastee_off.bat batch file. Alternatively, simply disconnect and then reconnect the SDR to turn the bias tee off.""

Inviato da OldPhone

Il giorno 11 ott 2017, alle ore 12:28, Hans J Albertsson <hans.j.albertsson@...> ha scritto:

I take it sdr# "as is" cannot control the rtl-sdr v3 dongle bias tee?

Can the bias tee be managed thru some plugin,then? 
If there isn't one already, what would be the best tutirial/diy-instruction to follow?

Hans J. Albertsson
From my Nexus 5

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