Re: SpyServer on RedHat/CentOS

David Ranch

Which version of Centos are you trying to use?  Centos / RHEL 6 will most likely be a deadend due to it's very old versions of Glibc, GCC, Qt, etc. This is a known problem for newer programs such as WSJT-X v1.8, etc. and probably WON'T be solved.  Maybe Centos 7 will be better but you'd still be far behind the curve on having current generations of key foundation packages.  I've been personally fighting this battle to keep things running with Centos for years:

but very new applications developers just want to use leading edge features and not support older versions.  If you want the *easiest* Linux path for new applications, Ubuntu is that path.  The next easiest (but quite distant) choice is Debian but it's stable releases include packages that can be quite old too.  You could try Fedora but without any LTS releases, you'll be constantly upgrading the OS to keep getting any security updates, etc.

My $0.02


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