Re: New SpyServer optimization in r1587+ #sdrsharp

Roberto Zinelli

Hello Prog,
I done simple test with my remote ARM server on 3G connection and work all fine. My first impression SDR#1588 is more responsive and optimize connection band better then SDR#1583.

Thank you 

On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 8:31 AM, prog <info@...> wrote:
Long story short, when using a lower throughput the TCP/IP stack was taking longer time to reassemble the packets and the client was starving. The data was arriving in bursts. Note that this doesn't happens with all routers.
I added a couple of config settings to control the minimum IF sample rate when streaming. These define the maximum bandwidth you can use:
    <add key="minReducedNarrowBandwidth" value="15000" />
    <add key="minReducedWideBandwidth" value="120000" />

Check the latest download.

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