Re: DDE Tracking Client Changes Mode to NFM #sdrsharp

John Kludt K7SYS


Figured that out and you are right - works well.  I had an error in doppler.sqf which explained why AO-73 kept coming up NFM.  Kind of one of those Dah! moments.


On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 6:21 PM, Mark L. Hammond <marklhammond@...> wrote:
John, SatPC32 is sending the mode to SDR# and then the Airspy (assuming you are using the DDE tracking plugin).  So to change the mode on the Airspy, you have to change the mode in SatPC32.  That allows mode to follow the satellite...USB, NFM, etc.  It's actually quite helpful!

Mark N8MH

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