Re: Beacon tracking of Cute-1 (CO-55) and Cute 1.7+APD 2 (CO-65)

Roberto Zinelli

Anand,  you see any signal in waterfall near the frequency tuned? Should be drifting and not on the exact frequency due to doppler.

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Il giorno 15 set 2017, alle ore 08:31, Anand Durai Thirumalai <athi501@...> ha scritto:

Hi All,

I am trying to track CO-55 (436.838MHz) and CO-65 (437.275MHz) amateur satellite's beacon signals which are in CW mode using a Airspy R2 receiver with a 7-8 dB gain yagi antenna.
The position of the satellite is determined using the Nova for windows software and for receiver I use SDR# or sometimes SDR-radio. I only get noise even when the satellite is above my horizon.

Could anyone please advice me with settings required on the SDR# or SDR-radio softwares, so that I can receive the beacon signals?

Thanks in advance,

Anand Durai

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