Re: Best Gain Settings for 137 mhz reception

Siegfried Jackstien

Mumble mumble - where can I get a 10 dB attenuator that passes DC with no attenuation? That's a start....
hello joanne
i have some attenuators with "f" connectors that are 10 and 20 db with dc pass (notmally use for sat and cable tv apps) .... and the 20 db are measured by me with an analyzer and they are almost flat from a few megs up to 2.5 gig (i say almost cause the attenuation is slowly creeping up if you go higher ... but only a db or two) ... did not measure the 10 db version but i am guessing those are almost the same thing

so ... it is possible to find such an attenuator

or build one ... a few resistors ... bridged with a coil (to have the dc pass) ... easy :-)

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