Re: Best Gain Settings for 137 mhz reception

Anders J. Ørts

Hi Ruben,
Rather than giving firm DO's or DO NOT's, I would like to tell you what works for me.
Here is my current setup and settings. 
Signal chain:
Antenna: Turnstile, old school type with a large screen, approx. 2.5m above the ground
LNA: Uputronics wideband (at the antenna)
Coax: ~15m RF240
Filter: FM Broadcast Notch/Band stop filter
SDR: Airspy Mini
Here is my SDR# settings:

That gives me a noise floor of around -80dB.
When the MeteorMN2 is close, I see a SNR of 25-28 dB (with NOAA APT 40-45 dB SNR)
Most of the time I can decode signals from MeteorMN2, when the elvation is 2-3 degrees above the horizon.
I live in the country side and I think it's a quite RF-friendly environment. I have had problems with interference, but when I finally tracked it down, it turned out that it came from  components in my own off-grid solar system and an electronic mole scare!
All the best

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