Best Gain Settings for 137 mhz reception

Ruben Navarro Huedo (EA5BZ)

Hello friends:
I am trying my Airspy R2 receiving NOAA and Meteor M2 sats.
My setup is:
Wimo TA-1 Turnstile Antenna ( --> LNA4ALL --> Around 10 meters Aircell 7 coax --> Airspy
I have been trying with Linearity and using a Gain value around 10.
If i use a higher gain value i start to have some intermittent BCFM interferences.
My question is:
Could i obtain better SNR values using Free Gain mode? What adjustment is the best?
How do you think i could obtain better SNR values? Using another LNA? Using a BCFM filter?

Thank's a lot for your help.

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