Re: Ideas for cheap and effective loop antennas

Alberto I2PHD

On 8/14/2017 6:21 AM, jdow wrote:
The electric field probe with a very high input impedance amplifier intrigues 
me. It's weak point is local static discharge. If it is in your livingroom and 
you've been walking around on that nice shag rug touching the antenna could 
require a FET replacement.

Just in case you intend to experiment with the mini-whip.... don't even think to use it indoor, not even on a balcony...
I initially placed it on a balcony at the first floor of my house. It performed very badly... lot of noise and weak signals.
Then I moved it on the highest chimney of my house, free from obstacles for 360 degrees... it changed totally, now it
was able to pick up the 60 kHz time-frequency signal from Anthorn (Cumbria, England) very strong and almost noise free...

73 Alberto I2PHD
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