Re: SDR applications that support HD-Radio : was New review of the Airspy R2 for FM DX

David Ranch

Hey Ezio,

But, as David mentions, perhaps are arrangements possible with the company. However,  in this case the whole thing becomes (IMMO) commercial and has nothing to do with amateur radio.

Who said anything about amateur radio?  The topic started with an interesting article reviewing the Airspy for receiving distant analog *broadcast* FM stations.  That review liked the Airspy hardware and a few of the SDR applications out there but specifically called out that HD-Radio wasn't supported.   I too would like to see HD-Radio supported as I sometimes use my Airspy to listen to local broadcast stations (and commercial communications as well).  Personally, I love the fact that these SDR programs can decode so many modes and I wish they could decode everything be it analog AM, FM, HD Radio, DMR, Dstar, YSF, etc.  I know some of these modes can be decoded with linkage to other tools like DSD/DSD+, etc but it's usually a pretty rough integration and they don't always work.

Anyway, here's to the hope that more modes will be added our favorite SDR application be it via the base application or via add-ins that cover the patent encumbered modes. 

Ps.  Let's not get into the discussion if anything Patent encumbered should be on amateur bands.  We'll probably agree yet not be able change anything either.


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