Re: SDR applications that support HD-Radio : was New review of the Airspy R2 for FM DX

David Ranch

Well, I would think (hope) that iBiquity (now DTS) would be open to some licensing mechanism.  This whole situation reminds me of the DVSI/AMBE chip situation we have for Dstar/YSF/DMR as well.  I do grasp all of the potential complications of how to fund the initial license, legal wrangling, accounting of licenses/renewals, and the various technical hurdles to actually implement all this but I do think there is a market for it.  The question is if it's large enough to support the effort.  I know that SDR# supports plugins, Gqrx could support it if there was a GnuRadio module written for it, etc. but having to provide binaries for various OSes and their respective versions gets difficult in a hurry.  I would much prefer source code but being patent encumbered removes several Linux distros from the mix right out of the box.

Simon:  You expressed some interest here.  Any desire to pursue?

Ezio:  Thanks for the link to the book: Radio’s Digital Dilemma: Broadcasting in the Twenty-First Century (Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies) by John Nathan Anderson (Author) .  I'll have to give that a read!


On 08/09/2017 02:15 AM, f5mwa wrote:

This book excerpt tells the whole story. Yes iBiquity is there to cash, even from consumer radio manufacturers.....So I guess you should forget the whole thing....


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