Re: SDR applications that support HD-Radio : was New review of the Airspy R2 for FM DX

David Ranch

Hello Alan,

Yes, HD-Radio is a USA centric (or is that exclusive?) technology and yes, it's strange that there isn't much SDR software (free) developed in the USA either.  There are some programs out there that can decode DAB now but still, no HD-Radio.  If I was to guess, it has to deal with patents, licensing, etc.. but I would think this would be addressable via an SDR plugin with a sprinkling of DRM (shudder).

I still think there is a market out there for this though.


On 08/08/2017 10:37 AM, Alan Melia wrote:
Hi David could it be an NIH syndrome is a "Local" mode and I think the s/w you mention is predominantly generated in Europe, and I guess we dont have it here. Needs a clever US coder to get to work. :-))

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