Re: SpyVerter R2 - have you upgraded?

Marco Melandri

Yes, David, I did.

I received my unit past week and I am happy with that.
Frequency stability is very good. I set between +0.1and +0.15 PPM on SDR# to get a freq. reference station (RVM, DCF77 tuned, and there it stays: few hertz drift of course is there.
Also phase noise of the LO is very low.
One other feature is the 10MHz ext ref. UFL connector on the  Spyverter R2 PCB.
So if you need even more stability, it is feasible simply adding a pigtail to take in the external 10MHz ref.- I have not done yet tests on this.

I hope the images are visible on this post, it is the first time I use - seems good.
My antenna is a simple wire outside the window, so the signal on 60KHz is weak. I am in Italy any case. the pic centered at 60KHz is taken with Spyverter @33.7C and Airspy at 37.9C temperature.

best regards,

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