Re: WINDOWS 10 ~ It's Amazing!

Alberto I2PHD

On 8/18/2015 2:46 PM, w4dst w4dst@... [SDRSharp] wrote:

You should always set up your own user account in Windows and make
yourself an administrator. This will solve a lot of problems installing
software and being able to change system settings.

Completely agree. And if you want also to do the last step to eliminate hassles
and stupid messages from Windows asking for confirmations, set the UAC
(User Access Control) to its lowest level, which practically disables it.

Never caught a virus, if this is your concern after reading the above, in more
than 20 years on Internet...� just do not open dubious attachments coming
in the mail...� :-)

73 Alberto I2PHD
Credo Ut Intelligam

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