Re: [SDR#] Usual error message when using the fcd pro + ?

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Subject: [SDR#] Usual error message when using the fcd pro + ?

When using SDR# with the .dll from the HDSDR site I get the following message on start up
SDR program not filly supported
SDR program does not allow full control of the FCPpro+ !
Full control requires an SDR program with support for
*RF & IF gain

I don't see where to control gain etc >
What am i doing wrong
The DLL is for HDSDR. Gives easy access to the controls only in HDSDR.
You do not need one for SDR#, it comes with it. But the controls are in the config panel.


Posted by: "Alan" <>
I note he wants separate control over stage gains. I have an rtlsdr.dll and an appropriate rtlsdr usb dll for SDRSharp. I offered to let Youssef look at it. He's apparently declined.

There is a dll out there which allows individual stage gain control from Basil.

His ONLY allows individual stage gains and has been blessed by Youssef to the extent that Youssef told him how to do the live sample rate change.

Mine allows for three gain profiles as well, the current compromise profile, a profile optimized for IMD (to an almost ridiculous level), and a profile optimized for sensitivity. I tend to prefer the latter for casual use. The individual gains are "annoying" to use. (His also needs a more modern rtlsdr.dll than comes from the default site. His article in the link above points to one such.

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