Re: How do you decode morse from cube satellites in SDR Sharp?

Alberto I2PHD

On 2/22/2015 10:50 PM, jdow jdow@... [SDRSharp] wrote:

It seems an SDR would be an excellent tool for exploring filter ideas for CW. I
suspect at least two disparate designs might be desired depending on conditions.
But, do note that the Gaussian filter with its poor adjacent channel performance
did far better than alternatives in fast frequency hopping transceiver designs.

I don't know if LC and Mario (the authors of HDSDR) did change the algorithm of
the CW Peak filter of Winrad, when transforming it into HDSDR.

If the algorithm is remained the same, this is the shape of the CW Peak in HDSDR :

Essentially it is an IIR resonator, with two conjugates poles whose distance from the
unitary circle can be dynamically adjusted with a slider. Much effective indeed for filtering
CW signals

73 Alberto I2PHD
Credo Ut Intelligam

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