Re: RTL2832U and Noise/Spurous?


I live a few miles out in the country and until yesterday I did not appreciate the issue of front end overload. I was checking the weather (its cold in Texas) on 162.4mhz and it seemed distorted. I looked around on the spectrum and found a net running on a 146.64 repeater about 2 miles from my house. I had to turn the gain down all the way to listen to the wx station. So now I can appreciate the problems people might experience in a denser city environment.

Nevertheless, having that 2mbit window is still very nice.

73 wa5ngp

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But it has a full set of filters and covers from about 150KHz. Works well on general coverage and is optimised for 2m and 70cm satellites.

There is nothing that gives the same span as a RTL dongle at anything like the price.


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I see the Fun Cube Dongle, with 16 bit ADC, but it is only
USB-1, and can only display 192 khz? c'est vrai?

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