Re: Sound choppy after several hours


One time I was playing with the sample rates going faster than the 2.4Mb/sec. I was listening to some CW and heard some warbling, kinda like old fashioned xmitter chirp. Couldn't figure out what was going on until I remembered I had jacked up the sample rate too high. Put it back to 2.4 and the chirping quit.

Probably not your problem but you might check.

73 don

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In fact, all is working well, until a buffer somewhere is used and reused. On a satellite image, this appears as the repetition on the same pattern (see in the bottom)


PS : SDR# feeds a virtual sound card.

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Um, I typically run SDRSharp on one of my dongles for days or weeks on end
tuned to the local classical music station with never a hint at problems.
This is, however, with an RTL dongle. Presuming the computer is relatively
new it should be able to handle the SDRSharp load. It almost sounds like
a sound issue. The path through SDRSharp may be significantly different
(fewer decimation steps) with FunCubes. You may be seeing effects of the
very slight frequency differences in the two sound cards with nothing in
the path to provide the subtle rate conversions needed.


On 2013/11/12 23:50, f1jek wrote:

SDR# is a very good and very well working tool, nevertheless after several hours (12 to 24) of continuous operayion, the sound becomes choppy, like cut in slices. Changing the frequency is not useful, clicking stop the start solves temporarily the problem.

This is a major issue as I cannot leave it unattended (NOAA sat RX for example).

Windows 7 (64), FCD+ and FCDpro+ (same problem).


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