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Hey Dave,
I'm with you having a hard time understanding where are the shortcomings of this setup. I suppose the fact that there quite a few birdies etc. However, they are easy to recognize in that they never vary in amplitude like a real signal.

Yeah, the dynamic range is limited by the 8 bits but the only impact of that is that really strong signals don't seem quite so strong as compared to a regular receiver.

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Hi Dongle and Hamitup converter works great here on win 8 64 bit platform. It out performs my Icom 8500 and SDR-14 when used with SDR console. Amazing bit of kit.

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I hope it works out for you as I have been advising my friends to buy these. I'm using a homebrew similar version.

I am assuming that you don't have any test equipment like a scope? Most people don't have oscopes that run at 125mhz.

One thing you could do is take your normal dongle (assuming it works on vhf) run the antenna close to your nooelec converter and see if the local oscillator is running. You may even have to touch the wire to some point close to the oscillator. It should show up big time on your spectrum at 125mhz. If you don't see that then you have a problem and should probably send it back.

I saw some postings about solder bridge problems near a connector, this could be your problem. It also seemed that nooelec was responsive. It could be that their sales have been so strong that they arent' able to handle all the support questions in a timely manner.

ck out this series of postings!searchin/opendous/nooelec/opendous/A-RpwTJowpA/d-COrVBFmW8J

73 wa5ngp

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It looks like a great bit of hardware. Appears to be well built but I can't seem to get mine working.

I'm using one of the cheap eBay RTL2832U Dongles that I purchased from Nooelec when I bought the Upconverter.

I contacted the seller/manufacturer asking for help and documentation last week and have heard no response. The problem is probably with me, but I expected a little better customer service.

Any advice?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Steve KA9MOT


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