Re: ADS-B and the Fitipower FC0013 tuner

Alberto I2PHD

On 9/20/2013 6:13 AM, uhh_huhh wrote:

I have two FC0013 dongles and two 820t dongles. Both the 820 dongles receive the 1090Mhz ADSB freqs with no problem. One of the FC0013 will not receive it at all, the other is made by realtec and receives, but not as good as the 820t. Apparently 1090Mhz is the upper limit for those dongles and the off-brand will not reach that limit.


�� thanks for your answer. I made a further test, which showed that at 1090 MHz the PLL of the FC0013 is unlocked.
So probably my unit is on the low side of the tolerance as far as the frequency range is concerned.
The program rtl_test reports Fitipower as the maker of the tuner.

73 Alberto I2PHD

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