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uhh_huhh <uhh_huhh@...>

If Joanne stops posting, I will have to go back to school... (;>

I also have an xp laptop, a Chinese netbook, a Chinese touchpad, and a LINUX box. I like the xp machine, don't use the netbook or touchpad and hate LINUX.

Been using VISTA since Microsoft released its first test bed to its test team, but use Windows7 for things that really need to work.

Oh, forgot the Windows8 laptop in the kitchen to keep up with what the family is doing.. Playing games and browsing is about all it does... bet Microsoft wishes they had trashed it long ago...


--- In, Marion D. Kitchens <k4gok@...> wrote:

What would this group do without Joanne :-) It would sure be a lot less
fun -- for sure.

I am still trashing about with Win XP Pro. Does what I really need most
of the time. Yes, I do have a nice Win 7 machine -- but please don't
tell anybody !!

Enough of my nonsense....


On Sun, 08 Sep 2013 17:53:37 -0700 jdow <jdow@...> writes:
(high pitched nasal whine)Ah toed ya sow!(/whine) {^_-}

(I DO try to be helpful and accurate until something ticks me off or
senior moment occurs.)

Yes, let Windows do its thing. Then override it with Zadig.
Experience here
suggests that is the best course of action to get Windows to stop
the heck out of you.

That is how I got Windows to STFU on both Win 7 machines here. XP is
a touch different.

At first I was rather anxious about Win 7 and its annoyances. I've
come to
like them when running on an "adequate" machine. Since I have loaded
run Win 7 on a 512 Meg not particularly fast Athlon on a motherboard
rescued from the "Chinese Capacitor" malaise of some many years ago.
turned off most of its fun gewgaws and made watching pitch drip seem
But it did run and I was able to make some driver tests with it.

You do want as much memory as you can afford and stuff into your
up to maybe 8 GiB. At that point the extra memory is sort of gilding
lily unless you're crazy like me. A mid-generation XP machine is
adequate if it will support as much as 4 GiB. 2 GiB is a practical
to minimize disk thrashing with the page file if you don't run too
applications at once. That said, some old add in boards might not
formal Win 7 support. I have a real nice sound card that is forever
relegated to an XP machine here. Turtle Beach (Voytera now?) can't
fit to give it a Win 7 driver last I checked.

A new machine, however, would be a breath of fresh air. And it is
to get used to Win 7. You can materially tame it with substitute
programs (Evolution or Thunderbird**) and substitute browsers
FireFox*, FireFox Nightly (for the strong hearted)**, Opera, etc).

The hard part is getting to know your way around the new
Gently exploring around is the best way to learn it. The cancel
button is
pretty much guaranteed to prevent mishaps. And if you figure to
take a full system restore backup, then explore until something
and restore from the backup and start over then you can be more
with your playing.

By all comments I've seen, avoid 8. It's close to utter trash for a
machine. It's built for laptop toys with fancy touch screens.

{o.o} Joanne - noting carefully that YMMV applies strongly to OS

On 2013/09/08 07:50, taidllanfair wrote:

Marion, Alan et al.

Many thanks for all your suggestions.

What eventually appears to have made everything run as smooth as
silk is to just disregard Zadig and let Windows install a driver.

The dongle appears as Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0) in Device
Manager and the driver provider as

If I then run Zadig and let it overwrite Windows' offering, the
dongle appears as Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0) (Interface 0) and
the driver provider again as…

Having installed the Zadig driver over the Windows one nothing
appears to have changed – SDR# still appears to run properly.

SO, the above begs the question – do I just let Windows do its own
thing and leave things at that (shades of if it ain't broken don't
try and mend it…) or should I then install Zadig afterwards?

Hopefully the above will work on my other pc, I'll find out later
this evening.

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement.

Mike - I know my XP Pro MCE is well past its sell time… I tried
W7 (both the grandkids have it on their laptops) but I could never
get used to it. Having retired fifteen years ago I suppose I'm
getting a bit long in the tooth to try new things – well apart from
SDR - so I stick to things I know and understand – well understand
`reasonably well!! If and when this old Dell dies I'll maybe take
the plunge…

Thanks guys.


--- In, "taidllanfair" <john@>

Thanks for that.

I've updated the Zadig from v2.0.1.160 to v2.0.1.161 but the
problem remains...

Alan - by 'letting it install the software automatically' do you
mean letting Windows install it's own driver?

It's almost as if the machine is forgetting some settings when
the dongle is removed...

Thanks again.

--- In, "taidllanfair" <john@> wrote:


I recently obtained a Newsky TV28T RTL 2832U / R820T and
installed the software (SDR# & Zadig). All appears to be ok, the
little dongle is working better than I expected. However when I
turn the PC off and re-boot I get the `found new hardware' message
followed by `Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard'. If I click
cancel I get the usual message that the device may not work
properly. This also happens if I turn off SDR#, remove the dongle
and re-insert it (in the same usb socket) whilst the PC is running.
Turning SDR# on and off whilst the machine is running and without
removing the dongle does not bring up any error messages.

I'm using SDR# v1.0.0.1165 and Zadig v2.0.1 (Build 160)

I think I've done everything as I should, I'm using the XP
version of Zadig. I have this problem on two different computers.
Incidentally both machines are reasonably high spec machines running
XP Pro/SP3 with all updates.

I've a feeling that this problem may be Zadig related but I'm
only really guessing. I've tried two versions and they both appear
to install without problems.

I have looked through previous postings and can't find anyone
who has had similar problems.

Anyone with any ideas?



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