Re: [SDRSharp] FUNcube Dongle Pro+ / SDR# v1. / WXtoIMG version 2.10.11 - volume change

Siegfried Jackstien

You just have to set sdrsharp to send the audio to your onboard soundcard
(so you hear the tones) ... then set recording options in windows to use
"stereomix" as the input ....

Now wx2img does use the sound from speakers (what is sent to them from
sdrsharp) .... same as you were using line in or mic in with an external
receiver ...

Then you have 2 options to control the "volume" in wx2img

The audio out in sdrsharp (to speakers)

And the stereomix slider in the recording mixer (from speakers to wx2img)

(and depending on what os/mixer/hardware you use maybe wave out AND masters
out do BOTH control the volume TO the speakers)



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Betreff: [SDRSharp] FUNcube Dongle Pro+ / SDR# v1. / WXtoIMG
version 2.10.11 - volume change

According to this page

"9. Adjust the AF Gain in SDRSharp, and/or Windows volume settings so that
the volume bar in the bottom right hand corner of WXtoImg shows a green

I was trying to change the volume so to get a "green background" but I
the following "yellow background"

The FCD Pro+ is connected to a USB port and works with no problem in any
other situation.

Just for testing purposes I changed the soundcard device at the Recording
Options of WXtoIMG to the soundcard of my PC. A microphone is connected on
it and from the Windows Volume Controller I changed the volume of the
recording while the WXtoIMG was recording and the vol. bar changed

When I change back the setting, the result is the image above. Even when I
change, from the program (SDR#), the AF Gain slider nothing change.

Lastly, the Mixer Control at WXtoIMG isn't working.

Any help with the issue?

Thanks in advance

73 de Xenofon,SV3BEF

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