Re: [SDRSharp] Re: Computer Requirements to run SDR#

EB1AGG - Jesus - REMER SPC 32T7

Hi all, i've run SDR# on various old machines with no problems on Arch

Compaq Evo D510 - PIV 2,4 GHz - 1GB RAM
Acer Aspire 3500 - Celeron 1,5 GHz - 1GB RAM

VY 73

On 01/09/13 22:07, Alberto I2PHD wrote:
On 9/1/2013 7:45 PM, don_wa5ngp wrote:
/to what extent is the display, waterfall etc a function of the
performance of the display adapter? //
//Often the generic pcs may have a fast processor but weak display
adapter just because that is //
//a detail that is not marketed well except to the gamers. /
Usually all the fancy features of game oriented modern GPUs are not used
in an SDR program.
I don't know what happens under the curtains when you use .NET, but if
you practice a safe
life and do not use it, what is usually done is to build what should be
displayed in a memory
bit map, and when ready it is bit-blitted at once on the display card
refresh buffer.

So, as long as the GPU is capable of a decent bit-blitting speed, it is
more than adequate for
displaying spectrum/waterfall of an SDR program.

Or, if you have a GPU supported by the new libraries OpenCL of AMD, you
could demand part of the
DSP processing to the highly parallel processors of the GPU. But, as far
as I know, currently no
released SDR program does that.

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