RAG box miniatures sheets

Philip Markgraf

Both RAG 1 and RAG 2 should ship with two each of sheet A.

RAG 1 had a trim-sheet hand cut box-mini sheet P that was available in the first printing, as an artifact of how the covers were printed (waste space was filled with box-minis.) after the first print run, there was no waste so no more sheet P. It has a few planes in different paint. And a Mirage IIIC with the rocket motor firing.

I’ll double check with Ad Astra that these are really gone. I’m happy to put it up online to print at home!

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On Aug 30, 2022, at 6:13 PM, Peter Farrow via groups.io <peterwfarrow@...> wrote:

I recently bought the paper copies of RAG 1 & 2. They both came with only 1 sheet of box miniatures:

- 1 of ADA 31801-A for RAG #1
- 1 of ADA 31802-A for RAG #2

From reading posts about these issues of RAG here on the forum, it seems like both issues should have 2 of the same sheets. Am I correct about this or does someone know otherwise?


Ken Burnside

Peter, those should've had 2 copies of each box mini. You apparently got a mis-pack. I've got a pair of them in an envelope ready to send to you on today's mail run.

Peter Farrow

Thanks Ken!