We are here to encourage each other about woodworking, mostly with hand tools.

Hand tools are our point of connection.  Most of us also have machines to remove some of the grunt work.  It's totally fine to talk about those, also.

Please be friendly and encouraging, especially to new members.

The following kinds of posts are appropriate:

  • Questions about woodworking tools and techniques
  • Descriptions of projects you are working on or finished
  • Offers to give away something (use #free)
  • "Want to buy" messages when you are looking for a woodworking item (use #wantToBuy)
  • "For sale" messages that list items for purchase.  The seller can be you or somebody else. (use #forSale)
  • Announcements of woodworking classes, free or otherwise (use #class)
  • Invitations for members to gather in person (use #invite)
  • Descriptions of in-person meetings
  • Discussion about who we want to be as a group and how we want to organize ourselves (use #aboutUs)
  • Anything related to woodworking
In addition, we also ask members to monthly answer the question:
What have you been working on or thinking about?
Tag responses with #update and if you haven't been doing any woodworking, that's okay!

On the rare occasion that you would like to post about something other than woodworking (or the monthly update), please put #offTopic in the subject.

Remember that we are here to enjoy ourselves.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to ahtc+owner@groups.io.

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